I noticed green grass beginning to grow the last couple of days. That can only mean one thing…it’s SPRING. Longer and warmer days also brings out more bugs for us to imitate. Beside the obvious March Brown, there is an important hatch on many rivers of the first large stonefly of the season. Yes, the Skwala is hatching.

Last night at my local club’s Winter Fly Tying, we tied a few Skwalas:

Jimmy Legs

Jimmy Legs Nymph | johnkreft.com

Skwala #1

Skwala Stonefly | johnkreft.com

Here is another pattern  from last year I’ve heard works as well.

Skwala #2

Skwala stonefly | johnkreft.com

Try some of these Skwalas out and let me know if they work.


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