Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Jimmy Legs nymph. It’s also known at Pat’s Rubberlegs. I read where is difference is Jimmy Legs uses knotted legs. I believe it would catch more fly fishers than fish, so I don’t knot the legs.

Jimmy Legs - Bottom View |

I don’t know why the Jimmy Legs works as an imitation for a Golden Stone nymph, but it does. Here is an image of the real nymph.

Golden Stonefly Nymph|



Daiichi 1720, #10


6/0 or 8/0 brown or olive


.020 lead wire


Medium variegated chenille – brown/olive or olive/brown


Crazy Legs – olive or brown

Here is a link to a Youtube video by Skyler Hardman who does a terrific job tying the fly.

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