Salmonfly adult

Yup – it’s time for Salmonflies to hatch.

We all wait for this time of year when these BIG bugs become active and the fish go crazy. As in reckless with voracious appetites. Trout have already seen March Browns and Caddis this spring. But these bugs are BIG!

Have you ever looked into the gullet of a big trout after the feeding really begins? You’ll see a few of these bugs sticking out. Why would trout continue feeding if they physically don’t have any more room?

Here is the miracle of nature in progress:

The nymphal shell breaks open and the adult begins to crawl out.

Salmonfly hatching

 Still pulling out…note the wings beginning to show.

salmonfly hatching

 Adult finally emerges and waits for wings to dry.

Salmonfly hatching

And a close up of the female carrying her eggs and waiting for the right time to fly over the water, touch her abdomen to the water where the eggs drop to the bottom and begin the process anew. 

Salmonfly eggs

And the female sits on a blade of grass waiting for the eggs to ripen? Note how the abdomen is arched. Interesting.

Salmonfly female

 What’s your favorite imitation? I fish Kaufmann’s Stimulator or a Rogue Stone to name a few.

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    1. Thanks Carol! I found a couple of females that would hold still enough for me to capture the eggs. Usually, they are scurrying away.

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