Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Rogue Foam Stonefly.

Rogue Foam Stone |
Deschutes River Salmonfly |



Daiichi 1270 or Dai Riki 270, #6 – 2


6/0 black and fluorescent fire orange for head


Orange foam – 3 mm


Root beer Krystal Flash

Overwing 1:

Krystal Flash or poly yarn

Overwing 2:

Cow elk or moose body hair


Deer hair


Black round rubber or Life Flex


Fire orange thread


  1. Cut a strip of 3 mm orange foam about size of hook gape.
  2. Place needle in vise. Begin thread on needle and don’t cut tag end. Prepare 2 segments and slide foam off needle.
  3. Begin thread on hook and create a base for foam to hold onto. Hold foam and tie onto hook at hook point. Tie securely and move thread forward with a couple of thread wraps. Continue this process as you create 4 segments on hook. Trim foam.
  4. Tie in a few strands of root beer Krystal Flash for the underbody. Fold butt ends back and tie down for thicker wing. Trim to length, about body length.
  5. Tie in choice of overwing 1.
  6. Cut and prepare a bunch of moose or elk hair. Stack and tie in overwing 2 securely with tips just past end of body. Pull a few butts up and wrap thread through them for security. Trim.
  7. Cut and prepare a large clump of deer hair. Stack and measure so it extends halfway down body. Reposition deer hair to extend forward and tie in directly behind hook eye. Allow deer hair to spin. Tie in securely, trim butts. Tie off black thread and change to florescent thread and position close to wing. Force deer hair back to create bullet head. Tie off securely.
  8. Add legs to each side. Tie off thread, trim, and add head cement over thread.

Personal tying notes:

  • Use EP Fibers – medium dun for overwing 1.
  • Tie deer hair for head after securing foam body and before any underwings. This approach allows unencumbered access when tying in deer hair over hook eye. The other benefit to this approach is the butt ends of deer hair provide level platform for base of all wings.
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