This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Gordon Fancy Atlantic Salmon fly.

Gordon Fancy |

This is one of five Atlantic Salmon flies my friend Jim Fisher purchased during his 1986 fishing trip on the river Spey in Strathspey, Scotland and the last TBT post of these Atlantic Salmon flies.

Atlantic Salmon Flies |

You might have seen the other flies in previous TBT posts:

He was successful landing a 32 inch, 12 pound Atlantic Salmon on a Munro Killer using a Winston 9′ 6 weight fly rod paired with a double taper floating line. He told me it was the only rod he had with him. He fished the fly like steelhead fishing, casting 3/4 downstream and letting the fly swing.

I was surprised by the size of flies used to catch these fish. I assumed larger flies were used to catch those beautiful fish. He purchased a box of Mustad # 3562 C in sizes 6 & 8 to tie additional flies. He states their sizing is interesting; a size 8 is equivalent to a size 10 standard dry fly.

Jim used Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead by Chris Mann, to identify the fly.

I appreciate having a researcher I can count on!

Enjoy…stay home, stay safe!

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