I’ve been fortunate to spend quite a bit of time on my home water, the Metolius. Some days I don’t see an insect on the water. Other days, bugs float downstream on the water’s surface, but no fish rise. What I hope for is finding a few rings or noses, a sign fish are actively rising and eating hatching insects. While I’m waiting for the fish to rise, I’ve enjoyed the changing vegetation colors along the river. I’d like to share a few fall images from the river I’ve captured in the last month.

Fall Flyfishing on Metolius | www.johnkreft.com

This is my favorite time of the year to be on the river.

Metolius River Fall Colors at Wizard Falls | www.johnkreft.com

It’s changed a lot in the last month. Here is a view from September.

Metolius River in September | www.johnkreft.com

And a month later the colors are quickly changing.

Metolius River in October | www.johnkreft.com

It won’t be long until all the leaves are gone and the river’s spartan winter look returns.

I spend time watching the river when fish aren’t rising. Some days more than others.

Fall on Metolius | www.johnkreft.com

I’ve captured a few action shots when it all comes together.

Karen Landing Rainbow in Lower Metolius River | www.johnkreft.com

And I marvel at the beauty of the fish.

Metolius Rainbow Fall Colors | www.johnkreft.com

A close-up view of one of these beauties.

Metolius River Rainbow Cheek | www.johnkreft.com

Sometimes they hold still.

Holding Metolius Rainbow | www.johnkreft.com

A couple wiley Rainbows in the net.

Metolius Double in Net | www.johnkreft.com

Not to be outdone, the water itself can be spectacular in the right light conditions.

Metolius Water Colors | www.johnkreft.com

The last few days have turned cold and windy, and the leaves are slowly fading. The best fall colors may be behind us.

Fishing in October on Metolius | www.johnkreft.com

The river is where I find my Zen. I hope these images provide a little Zen for you as well.

Lastly, my friends Gretchen and Al Beatty from Boise, ID have recently started up their BT’s Fly Tying Friday night Zoom meetings and their second session is about Spring Creek Flies & Furled Leaders. If you are interested in their Fall/Winter fly tying sessions, I encourage you to attend. They begin at 6 pm (Mountain Time).

You may join via the link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 833 5159 1625
Passcode: 461432

To get on their email list about future classes, contact Al – albeatty2@gmail.com

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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