This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Parson.

The Parson |

It’s a fly I found in a fly box someone gave me several years ago. It’s an interesting fly and perhaps I’ll get around to tying my own version someday. 

Here is an excerpt from A Book on Angling by Francis Francis, the first edition published in 1867 about The Parson.

“The Parson. This is a very showy fly, and is used chiefly on the Erne, but it is a capital fly anywhere where a showy fly is required. It is on the Erne rather a generic name for a series of flies than for any special one, as we have there, green parsons, and blue parsons, and golden parsons, and so on. The parson being merely significant of plenty of toppings in the wing.”

Enjoy…go fish!

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