This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun.

Stalcup's Emergent Cripple Dun |

I decided it was time to feature another Shane Stalcup fly.

I first learned of Stalcup’s flies in his book Mayflies “Top to Bottom” (2002). I thought it was interesting looking at the materials he used to create close imitations to the real insects. It was the first time I had heard of Medallion sheeting. It wasn’t long before I had that material in several colors.

Stalcup’s Emergent Cripple Dun can be found on page 144 of his book. It’s another fly utilizing Medallion sheeting material for the wings.

The fly is designed to ride low on the surface with the curved body hanging down below in the water. Because it’s difficult to see at times, he suggested using it as a dropper behind a larger dry fly.

Stalcup lists several variations in tan, rust, and brown in sizes 12 – 22.

Stalcup created some wonderful fly tying videos and those videos can now be seen on my friend John Sherry’s Youtube NetKnots Fly Tying channel.

Stalcup had a very imaginative mind and created some wonderful flies. Unfortunately, Shane passed away prematurely in 2011 at the age of 48.

I’ve featured a few other Stalcup flies in past Throw Back Thursday posts. Here are links to several:

Here is an Amazon link to Shane’s book:

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. Thanks John for suggesting the Stalcup book I now own it. I’ve tied a number of his nymphs and now working on the emergers. I also like your pattern Callibaetis Emerger. Curious which hook do you use the Daiichi 1310 or TMC 102Y

    1. Scott

      Thanks for leaving the Comment. I really like the Daiichi 1310 for my Callibaetis Emerger. It’s the hook I use for most of my smaller Sparkle Duns as well.


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