This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Blue Ribbon Flies Iris Caddis.

Iris Caddis - Tan |

The Blue Ribbon Flies Iris Caddis is a fly I’ve been fishing the last few years and it has worked well for me. After I wrote my post, Fly Fish the Madison River in Early July, I thought many readers may not know the history of the fly and the phase it imitates.

It’s another fly pattern to imitate a stillborn caddis. A single stillborn Hydropsyche caddis they found in a Madison River back eddy in 1987 was the inspiration for this fly.

You will be amazed how easily you can see the fly in low or flat light. The white Zelon wing just seems to glow. In addition, the wing provides a natural silhouette of the real insect.

Like the Blue Ribbon Flies X Caddis I featured last week, this style of fly can be tied in many colors and sizes to match any caddis. I really like the Amber Iris Caddis.

Iris Caddis - Amber |

I use this fly when I don’t see fish rising. I can’t tell you how many fish have risen to the fly!

Blue Ribbon Flies is one of my favorite fly shops in West Yellowstone, MT. It’s where I spend time standing at the deer and elk bins hand selecting the hair I use to tie my flies.

You’ll find more information about the Iris Caddis in Fly Patterns of Yellowstone – volume two by Craig Mathews and John Juracek of Blue Ribbon Flies. The copyright lists 2008 as the year it was published. I’m sure I had volume one, but must have loaned it to someone or misplaced it over the years.

If you are a fly tyer, be sure to check out my fly pattern sheet. Otherwise, these flies can be purchased from Blue Ribbon Flies, other fly shops, or via custom order from me.

Enjoy…go fish!

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    They worked on the East river and the Cour’ d lane river.
    Thanks Greg.

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