This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Purple Haze TBT.

Purple Haze |

A customer asked me to tie up a dozen Purple Haze flies for him and I needed a fly for this week’s TBT post. I thought it was perfect timing! This is my variation of the original.

A quick Google search provided some information about the Purple Haze fly.

Andy Carlson created the Purple Haze by starting with the Parachute Adams. Andy is a guide on the Bitterroot River in Montana and owns Bitterroot Anglers in Hamilton.

Fly Tyer Magazine shows the original Purple Haze has a body of purple Flexi Floss up to the wing post and gray or olive Flexi Floss from the post forward.

Since I’m traveling in Montana on a fly fishing road trip, I decided to tie one up with purple Uni-Floss for the body and thorax.

The other change I made was to use poly for the post rather than calf tail like the original.

I’ve always tied up my Purple Haze using dubbing. I think it works just as well. I’m sure Andy has a reason for the smooth body.

Regardless, there are many variations to the Purple Haze in fly shops. Just choose one that speaks to you and tie it on your hook.

You’ll find out what the Purple Haze “hatch” is all about!

Enjoy…go fish!

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