Today’s post is about my new Devil’s Canyon Korker wading boots. I finally replaced my original Korker Devil’s Canyon wading boots I purchased in July 2015. I’ve fished at least 100 days per year, so adding up the total fishing days for 2015 – 2018, I’m guessing my old boots saw roughly 350 days on the water.

New and Old Devil's Canyon Wading Boots |

The old boots are next to my new Devil’s Canyon boots with a couple of different soles. More about those in a moment.

My wife purchased new Dark Horse women’s boots last fall and I thought it was time for a new pair then. I went through a couple pairs of studded felt soles because I wore them so much.

His and Hers Korker Boots |

And I have some great memories while using these boots.

A Bull Trout in August 2016 on the Metolius River, OR.

Bull Trout and Korker Boots |

Here are some Korkers on the Deschutes River, OR in June 2016.

Korkers on the Deschutes River |

Korker wading boots on the Madison River, MT in 2017.

Korker Boots on Madison River |

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Devil’s Canyon boots. They are comfortable and light-weight. And I wear them A LOT!

Some people have mentioned the BOA system of lacing the boots have clogged up with debris. I’ve never had that problem. And the BOA system is very adjustable.

One of the features I really enjoy is the interchangeable sole system. I’ve used felt soles, studded felt, and the Kling-on soles. The studded felt soles are the ones I use the most and I purchased a pair for my new boots. As you can see the old ones are somewhat worn.

Old Korker Wading Boots |

But we are headed to Yellowstone country this summer and Yellowstone National Park has restricted the use of felt soles.

So with my new Devil’s Canyon boots, I decided to try out the Triple Threat soles. You can see the aluminum bar soles. The package has aluminum hex disks that will fit on the same soles. Unscrew one set and add on the other.

New Devil's Canyon Korker Boots |

I’m guessing the downside of the aluminum soles will be the extra weight. But we’ll see.

I’ll be giving these a try this year and let you know what I think.

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Hmmmm, that laced up boot looks familiar. I just put on a new set of soles myself. Great invention. I use the studded felt most of the time and I do use the studded bars as well. Best fitting boot for me. Eric

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