This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Mike Jacobs’ Blonde Goddess.

Blonde Goddess |

I learned about this fly from a customer asking if I could tie the fly for him. He planned to fish for rainbow trout in the 14 to 24 inch range on a local river and thought this fly might work.

Jacobs originally tied the fly for smallmouth bass. It might simulate a crayfish swimming in the water.

It took me awhile to locate the materials needed to tie the fly, but I like the looks of this dressed up Woolly Bugger. The original fly pattern didn’t include the Wood Duck collar. Jacobs writes how he thought adding the Wood Duck collar really added to the fish catching ability of the fly.

Blonde Goddess Flies |

I substituted the Daiichi 1720 hook rather than using a TMC 200 or Daiichi 1270 because of the small gape on these hooks. I believe the Daiichi 1720 will provide much better hooking ability of the fly.

A link to the Mike Jacobs Fly Tyer article can be found HERE.

Enjoy…go fish!

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One Comment

  1. John –
    I hope you and Karen had some great holidays.

    Whenever you are able to work it in, would you please tie me up a dozen Bronze Goddess flies for use on the John Day River smallmouth this next season (if you can work them in)? I know there are a lot of time and materials involved with these flies (please bill me)? My body is telling me it’s nearly time for me to stop wading around in the slick trout streams – but I still have a number of favorite spots I can still get into (and out of) on the banks of the John Day River.

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks, John
    Phil Mickel

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