This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Jungle Dragon steelhead fly.

Jungle Dragon |

For my birthday, I received a copy of John Shewey’s book entitled Classic Steelhead Flies and paging through the book, the Jungle Dragon spoke to me.

I’ve never heard of this steelhead fly. It was created by William Hosie in the 1950s, a Washington Fly Fishing Club member who taught the fly to fellow club members. Shewey writes there were two versions of the fly. I selected the version presented by Enos Bradner in the Seattle Sunday Times August 19, 1959 edition.

For more information about the Jungle Dragon, pick up a copy of Shewey’s Classic Steelhead Flies and read the rest of the story.



Silver flat tinsel


Golden pheasant tippet


Flat silver tinsel (rear half) and red silk (front half)


Silver oval tinsel




Gray squirrel tail


Jungle cock

Enjoy…go fish!

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