Here are this week’s images from the water. We’ve been on the Madison River for a few days, the second stop on this year’s fly fishing road trip and inspiration for this week’s portfolio. But the first two images are rainbows we experienced on the Henry’s Fork.

Full Rainbow on Henry's Fork |

The shadow in the foreground is our RAM Promaster.

Henry's Fork Rainbow after Storm |

A bumblebee in flight.

Bumblebee on the Madison River |

Frog in the grass.

Frog on the Madison River |


Madison River Salmonfly |

A few salmonfly nymphs I found along the shore.

Salmonfly Nymphs - Madison River |

Salmonfly nymph shucks.

Empty Salmonfly Nymphs - Madison River |

…and a closeup

Salmonfly Shuck Closeup - Madison River |

A Golden Stone nymphal shuck.

Golden Stone Shuck |

And a Golden Stone female with her egg sac.

Golden Stone Egg Sac - Madison River |

Releasing a Rainbow Trout.

Releasing Madison River Rainbow Trout |

The water does an interesting wave action to create this image of a Rainbow Trout.

Rainbow Trout in Water - Madison River |

Closeup of a brownie.

Brown Trout Closeup - Madison |

One of the plentiful wildflowers along the shore.

Madison River Flower |

Enjoy…go fish!

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