Here are this week’s images from the water. These images are from Hebgen Lake as we travelled to Yellowstone National Park to fish the Yellowstone River. We hoped to find a few Callibaetis mayflies, and found these insects along the water’s edge.

Hebgen Lake - Trico Spinner Wing Reflections |

These are Trico mayfly spinners. The colorful translucence from their wings are impressive. I have to believe the reflections and colors of the wings are triggers for trout. I wonder if it creates some type of spectrum trout key on, perhaps UV?

Trico spinners and empty Callibaetis nymph shuck

Hebgen Lake - Trico Spinners with Callibaetis Nymphal Shuck |

Trico spinners, ant, and small snail at lower right

Hebgen Lake - Tricos - Ant - Snail |

Trico spinners and Callibaetis spinner

Hebgen Lake - Callibaetis & Trico Spinners |

More trico spinners

Hebgen Lake - Trico Spinners |

A view of Hebgen Lake.

Hebgen Lake |

Enjoy…go fish!

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