Here are this week’s images from the water. We were in Yellowstone National Park and inspiration for this week’s portfolio.

Sunrise at Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.

Lower Falls on Yellowstone River |

Measuring a Yellowstone Cutthroat on the Yellowstone River.

Measuring Yellowstone Cutthroat |

Salmonfly on vegetation along Yellowstone River.

Salmonfly from Yellowstone River |

Several hundred empty Stonefly shucks along the high water mark on the Yellowstone River.

This series of 4 images were all taken in a 2 second timespan. I was amazed how the concentric circles smoothed as quickly as they did once the Green Drake spinner stopped fluttering its wings.

Fly fisher landing trout on Yellowstone River.

Fly Fisher Landing Trout on Yellowstone River |

Water below LeHardy Rapids on Yellowstone River.

Yellowstone River Below LeHardy Rapids |

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone |

Bison walking past our RAM Promaster.

Bison crossing the Yellowstone River.

Bison Crossing Yellowstone River |

A small herd of elk moms and babies came out of the woods shortly before sunset.

Cow Elk and Calf - Yellowstone Lake |

And these calves wanted to play.

Elk Calves Ready to Play - Yellowstone Lake |
Elk Calves Playing - Yellowstone Lake |

Dancingtrout fly fishing on the Yellowstone.

Dancingtrout Fly Fishing on Yellowstone River |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. While your fish/fishing images are always superb, the “general nature” pics here are….wow! I really like the sunrise photo at the top.

  2. Presently, I’m reading Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose. Published in 1996. To date this is the most informative account of the Lewis & Clark Expedition that I’ve read. As they travel up the Missouri River other tributaries flow into the Missouri, including the Yellowstone. They explored many of these rivers too. Your photo of the Yellowstone in this blog so accurately illustrates the grandeur of the geography that they described. Lewis reported that he climbed a peak and as far as he could see were herds of buffalo; as many as ten thousand. Thanks for the photo!

    1. Wow, I’m pleased to see my images made that connection for you Ray. I remember reading Undaunted Courage several years ago. I really enjoyed it too.


  3. Hi John,

    We are loving your pictures and reports from the “road trip.” It makes us wish we could be there. The 4-picture series of the “drake on the water” is stunning. I’ve never seen (or maybe just didn’t notice) anything like this before and I’ve been on the water for 65 years+. Your attention to detail is what makes you one of the best outdoor photographers today. Good job and looking forward to your next report. Take care & …

    Tight Lines – (Gretchen &) Al Beatty

    1. Thanks for the nice Comments, Al. It seems I’m more observant of my surroundings when I have a camera tucked into my waders! I too, was taken with that 4 image sequence. I pulled my Nikon out and began to take a few bursts. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the images in Lightroom.


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