This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Dougs Damsel Nymph.

Dougs Damsel Nymph |

And here is what it looks like when wet.

Dougs Damsel Nymph - Wet |

And a picture of the real damsel nymph.

Damsel Nymph |

I began tying and fishing these flies in the mid-1990’s. I found the fly in Tying Nymphs book by Randall Kaufmann. I tied a lot of flies from that book. The fly was developed by Doug Jorgensen in 1988 when he was guiding at Grindstone Lakes in Oregon. The long tail is designed to wiggle during the retrieve.

This fly is my favorite damsel nymph and we caught BIG trout at Antone Ranch, which used to be a pay-to-play lake. LOTS of big trout! 

Antone Ranch Rainbow |

Perhaps this is why it’s my favorite damsel nymph!

Tie up some Dougs Damsel Nymph in different shades of olive and tan and give them a try next time you are on the lake.

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