This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Swisher’s PMX Royal.

Swisher's PMX Royal |

Swisher’s PMX Royal is a variation of his original Madam X fly Swisher created in the 1980’s to imitate hoppers and stoneflies.

Madam X |

This variation adds the visibility of a post, hence the name Parachute Madam X…PMX. You’ll find bodies of red, orange, and even lime green.

Turns out, the PMX Royal was a fly we used recently with great success during our fly fishing trip in Argentina and my wife suggested I use it this week for a TBT fly. This is the fly I used. Still looks good after hooking and landing several fish!

PMX Royal |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. The PMX has long been one of my favorite attracter patterns. It is not a difficult pattern to tie but it is one I was never able to tie fast. The combination of the down wing and a parachute post are the stumbling block for me, with this pattern. Don,t recall ever doing a royal version myself.

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