This week’s Throw Back Thursday item is Craig Matthew’s Fly Tying Chair.

Craig Matthew's Fly Tying Chair - www

I happened to be in Blue Ribbon Flies today talking with Bucky and I relayed I didn’t have anything for a TBT post. We’ve been gone a couple of weeks on our fly fishing road trip and I didn’t have a TBT post prepared.

My wife was with me and we asked if they had anything that might bring back a few memories for my readers.

Eventually, Bucky took us to their storage area where they dye all their materials. We found a few items I hope you might enjoy.

Yes, it’s only a chair, but this isn’t just anyone’s chair. This is Craig’s original chair he used when Blue Ribbon Flies started many years ago. I’m sure a few flies have been created by Craig, with the help of others, on this chair.

Two of my favorite flies I tie and fish ALOT are the Sparkle Dun and X-Caddis.

Improved Sparkle Dun - PMD |
Sparkle Dun
X Caddis - Tan |

I’m guessing these might have been created on this chair, along with thousands of flies for the bins to sell.

Thanks Bucky for taking us out the back door and sharing a bit of BRF history.

Enjoy .. Go fish!

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  1. OMG!! This is the 1ST time I came upon your site Love the wonderful tiers taht add their wisdom BUTto see Craigs Chair I used Blue Ribbon Guides when I went MT every year and really thought that Craig was the best he was the sherriff then I always requested Nick Nikolis from PA as our Guide (I heard that he had passed away If so so sad loved that guy!!!) I wish yo had an email address for my Vets in my Project healing waters Division here in New Jersey.
    Tight Lines

    1. Maurice

      Thanks for leaving a Comment. Happy to hear you found my website and the TBT post brought back some good memories.


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