This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Blue Ribbon Flies Epeorus Spinner.

Epeorus Spinner |

I’m planning another trip to the Madison River, MT in the near future and wanted to make sure I had a few of these flies in the provider box. The light bulb suddenly went on that it would make a great TBT fly!

You’ll find more information about the Epeorus Spinner in Fly Patterns of Yellowstone – volume two by Craig Mathews and John Juracek of Blue Ribbon Flies. The copyright lists 2008 as the year it was published.

They write the Epeorus albertae mayfly has changed from a minor hatch to a major hatch in recent years in the waters below Quake Lake. These bugs hatch in early July through mid-August and it’s a fly pattern you shouldn’t be without.

This size 16 spinner pattern is very similar to many out there. The difference is the wings on the Epeorus Spinner are twice the width as normal to help float the fly while fishing the fast water of the Madison River.

Blue Ribbon Flies is one of my favorite fly shops in West Yellowstone, MT. I highly recommend you stop in and say “hi” if you are in Yellowstone country.

If you are a fly tyer, be sure to check out my fly pattern sheet. Otherwise, these flies can be purchased from Blue Ribbon Flies, other fly shops, or via custom order from me.

Enjoy…go fish!

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