Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Epeorus Spinner, from Blue Ribbon Flies.

Epeorus Spinner |




Daiichi 1190, TMC 100 or 101 #12 – 20


8/0 Uni-Thread Light Cahill or Tan


Dun hackle fibers or Coq de Leon


Superfine dubbing – Epeorus or March Brown


Zelon – white 


  1. Start thread on hook and continue to 50% mark.
  2. Select 4 – 6 hackle fibers. Tie on extending one shank length past end of hook. After securing with a few wraps, hold fibers slightly upward and continue wrapping thread to hook barb. Holding the fibers upward will ensure they are on top of hook. Take one thread wrap under tail and another thread wrap in front. This action will splay fibers.
  3. Apply dubbing and create a tapered body, ending at 75% mark.
  4. Select two pieces of white Zelon and use figure 8 thread wraps to secure.
  5. Add a little more dubbing and create thorax, ending behind hook eye.
  6. Whip finish and trim thread.

As an option, use black EP Fibers or Zelon as a wing extending over fly. This will be a built-in strike indicator and help with visibility during fading light.

Hi-Vis Epeorus Spinner |

Here is a video from Blue Ribbon Flies.