This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Black Forked Tail Nymph.

Black Forked Tail Nymph tied by Buz |
Image provided by Wayne Luallen

Shortly after I posted the Prince Nymph encore, I received a note from my friend Wayne Luallen with additional information about the creator of both the Prince and Forked Tail nymphs, Doug Prince.

Wayne received the following original fly pattern from Doug’s notebook via Gary Nichols from Pacific Grove, CA. Gary was planning to write a book about Doug, but never got around to it. I’m pleased to add this information to RiverKeeper Flies with the hope my fellow fly fishers will continue to remember those who came before us.

Lastly, since this week’s fly was tied by the late Buz Buszek, I’m including the information he used to describe the Forked Tail Nymph. Reading the description, you’ll find Buz cited someone else as creating the nymph, which was incorrect.

I’ve shared information about Buz Buszek and his flies in previous posts including the Float N Fool Multi-Color and Kings River Caddis to name two.

Lastly, for more information about Buz, I created a page about the History of the Buz Buszek Fly Shop Excellence in the Art of Fly Tying 1947-1997, written by his son-in-law Mickey Powell.

I’m grateful to Wayne for sharing this information with me and allowing its publication for you to enjoy.

Enjoy…go fish!

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