This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Perk’s Perilizer.

Perk's Perilizer |

It’s a steelhead fly and used at that. OK, I admit it’s a tough fly to really see. It’s really about the story…

We attended the Pendleton Round-Up a couple of weeks ago, just like we do most years. My fishing partner has been looking for a new fishing hat and we decided to go into Pendleton Hat Company.

Pendleton Hat Company |

My wife quickly found a hat and sought out a store employee because of the “Do Not Touch – Please Ask for Assistance” sign.

He asked what her head size was and she relayed she didn’t know. After a 2 – 3 second stare and mental head measurement, he selected a hat and softly placed it on her head. It fit like a glove.

Total time…4 minutes!

While standing in line to pay, a gentleman checked the fit and pronounced – “perfect fit”.

I told him it was here new fly fishing hat. He looked at us for a moment and said “I’m a FFF certified fly casting instructor”. He headed to get his hat.

Perk's Fishing Hat |

I asked him what his favorite fly was and he replied Perk’s Perilizer. It was obvious he loves swinging flies for steelhead and he shared his favorite fly with us. As you can tell, it’s been chewed on a little.

I asked to take a picture so I could feature it as a Throw Back Thursday Fly on my RiverKeeper Flies website. I pulled out a business card and gave it to him. He read it and said “I know you”.

It was my turn for a quizzical look.

He said his name was Perk Perkins. Yep, I knew him from my volunteer efforts for the NW Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo.

Turns out, Perk is a “master hatter”. That’s what his business card states.

Here’s Perk wearing his fishing hat.

Perk Wearing Fishing Hat |

On the way out, I noticed this new, clean hat. It should have been a sign.

Fishing Hat in Pendleton Hat Company Window |

Oh yeah, someone picked out a lucky hat.

Lucky Fishing Hat |
Lucky Fishing Hat Netting Fish |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Amazing story, John! I was wondering where Perk Perkins is lately? He had his hat & leather goods display at the many past fly fishing fairs. He is a very interesting & nice guy to talk to.

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