This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Ugly Rudamus.

Ugly Rudamus |

The Ugly Rudamus was developed in 1984 by John Foust of Hamilton, MT as an imitation for caddis and stoneflies.

Born in Stevensville and raised in Darby in the 1960s, Foust began tying flies at the age of 13 and sold them at Bob Ward’s in Missoula.

John worked at the Missoula and Hamilton Safeway and IGA for 17 years before starting the Fish Haus with his wife Elna in Hamilton next to the Ace Hardware store.

Foust was a consultant for A River Runs Through It. Not only did he teach the actors how to fish, he invented the fish that leaped on a crank in the scene where the fish jumps out of the river.




Daiichi 1190, #8


Danville 6/0, tan


Natural elk hair


Pearl Flashabou – 6 to 8 pieces


Mottled fly sheet or a section of turkey tail.


Natural elk hair (swept back in a bullet-head)

Fly pattern from Montana Fly-Fishing Guide West (1995) by John Holt

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. Doug Swisher turned me on to this once back in 1982 in those 3M videos he did. I bought some from him and well I don’t have any more Thanks for posting the pattern. I made note of it. I will tie some up. They work very well on brook trout from July to almost October.

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