This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Steelhead Caddis.

Steelhead Caddis |

The Steelhead Caddis was created by Bill McMillan in 1975 as a low-water variation of the Muddler Minnow. This fly is fished dry on the surface with a trailing wake, making a commotion to get the steelhead’s attention. Use a riffling hitch or cast the fly downstream and use a tight line to lead the fly across the river with your rod.

I pulled this fly out of one of my steelhead fly boxes. It’s a little worn from being used a few times, but it hasn’t caught a steelhead. I’m not sure how I would react to a big sea-run rainbow trout rising to take this fly, but I’d sure like to find out! It’s one of my dreams for that to happen.

I haven’t tied any of the Steelhead Caddis, but perhaps I should tie a few up.

Enjoy…go fish! 

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