As I mentioned in last week’s Normal Fishing Season Ends post, someone flipped the switch on November 2 and the weather has dramatically changed. In fact, we’ve had a little snow recently. That tells me it’s COLD outside. In fact, it’s 26 degrees this morning as I finish this week’s post. So I’m returning to the fly tying bench.

I received an order for a few Beetle Bailey’s, which I finished, and because all the materials were on my fly tying desk, I decided to continue tying them and begin filling the provider box.

This is what 4 dozen Beetle Bailey flies looks like.

Dozens of Beetle Bailey Flies |

My wife doesn’t tie flies and I kid her occasionally that she should. Her response? “Why should I tie flies when you tie hundreds of flies each year?” I really can’t argue with that.

I left for an appointment yesterday with a fly almost finished and I asked her to finish the Beetle Bailey I started. Here is what I returned to…

Finished Fly |

I smiled. Perhaps I needed to be a little more specific on my expectations!

Now would be a good time to check your fly boxes and see if you need to fill a few holes.

I’m not a commercial fly tyer. I call myself a custom fly tyer. What does that mean? I’ll tie almost anything you need to catch a fish…at least I’ll try. For more about my fly tying journey, be sure to read the About Me page.

I have about 170 fly pattern sheets on my RiverKeeper Flies website for you to choose from. And I keep adding fly patterns too. Don’t see that special fly? Just contact me using the Comment section below and ask.

Perhaps you need a few #12 Beetle Bailey flies? They are ready and waiting.

I’ll be tying flies at the 2017 Pacific Northwest Fly Tyer’s Rendezvous in Portland this weekend, located at the Jackson Armory, 6255 Cornfoot Road (next to the Portland Airport).

If you are close to the Portland-Metro area, this is a great 1-day event. You’ll see quite a few fly tyers tying their favorite fly patterns. Be sure to stop by and say “hi”.

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Hi John,
    We loved your wife’s addition to your fly. Too bad the bow didn’t have a new camera, fly rod or reel attached to it. Take care & …
    Tight Lines – (Gretchen &) Al Beatty

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