Here is the fly pattern sheet for Freds Callibaetis Nymph – Variant, a very simple Callibaetis nymph that shouldn’t be overlooked. I like the Wood Duck fibers and use it for the wingcase.

Fred's Callibaetis Nymph |
Freds Callibaetis Nymph Materials |



Daiichi 1560, Dai Riki 060, #12 – 16


Rust or tan


Wood duck fibers


Hare’s ear, Hareline Sand dubbing or equivalent


Copper wire


Wood duck


Same as body


Wood duck or partridge


  1. Attach thread.
  2. Tie in Wood duck fibers to create a sparse tail.
  3. Tie in copper wire ribbing.
  4. Create thin dubbing noodle for body and wind forward to thorax.
  5. Bring rib material forward with 5 or 6 wraps.
  6. Tie in wingcase material.
  7. Dub thorax with hare’s ear.
  8. Select Wood duck or Partridge feather, cut “V” at tip. Tie in with 2 loose wraps to hold in position.
  9. Pull wingcase forward and secure with 2 loose wraps.
  10. Carefully pull leg material forward so final hackle length is about to hook point. This technique will allow wingcase to slide into place.
  11. Secure head area with several tight wraps.
  12. Whip finish.

Note: Use #12 for early season fishing, #14 and 16 for late season.

To learn more about the real bugs, visit my blog – Callibaetis Mayflies.

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