Click on a picture for a list of fly patterns for each fly type or fly box.

Mayflies |







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Stoneflies |






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Terrestrials |






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Steelhead Flies |







Streamers |







Fly Boxes

Crooked River Flies |






East Lake Flies |

Basic Dry Flies |






Basic Nymph Flies |











  1. John, Would be interested in some custom Thunder Thighs hoppers. ! dozen in pink (flesh), 1 dozen in tan, both size 14 , barbed. Could you provide approximate pricing and estimated time for delivery?

    Thanks, Mike

  2. John, I just came across your site. I just moved to Roseburg, Oregon from another beautiful location, Durango, CO. I am a so-so fly fisher, even so, have been hooked for a number of years now. I am also a watercolorist and would like to know if you have any problem with me using some of your splendid photos of flies as a source for painting some of these beauties. Thanks, Marti

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