One of the reasons we travelled to Chile and fish in southern Patagonia was because of the scenery. Yes, catching Brown trout was the goal, but why not fly fish in a beautiful place? On this day, fly fishing the Rio Baguales with Rumbo Patagon was our destination and Torres del Paine was in full splendor behind us.

Fly Fishing on the Rio Baguales |

Did I mention the scenery?

Dancingtrout and John on Rio Baguales |

I hope you read last week’s post about the Rio Penitente where I mentioned all the gates we drove through. The Estancia Cerro Guido was no exception, passing several gates on the way to the river. It was a massive estancia and even had their own school and airstrip.

Gate on the Estancia Cerro Guido |

We finally arrived at the river where we had been assigned a beat for the day. I walked to the wooden plank bridge and took this image upstream.

Bridge on the Rio Baguales |

What we found on this river was very nice pocket water.

Rio Baguales |

Brown trout willingly rose to our dry flies, most of them on the smaller size in this section. A few were caught on the nymph dropper.

It was a classic riffle and pool river. Here I am fishing the drop off below the riffle.

Fishing the Rio Baguales |

And Dancingtrout fishing below a similar riffle.

Fly Fishing a Run on the Rio Baguales |

As we walked upstream fishing the pockets, Dancingtrout found this skinny Brown in the shallow water. They are difficult to manage for a quick picture as the fish wiggles for freedom.

I’m still amazed how skinny some of these 16 – 18 inch fish are. They must be starving!

The fish seemed to get bigger as we walked upstream.

John and Maxx with Rio Baguales Brown Trout |

Dancingtrout and Max with Brown Trout on Rio Baguales |

Rio Baguales Brown |
Dancingtrout with Healthy Brown Trout on Rio Baguales |

I love the blue spots on the gill plate of a Brown trout. The fly is a Condor nymph my guide from Chochoy Mallin in Argentina tied using a condor quill for the body. It seems to work in Chile as well!

On the drive to and from a river, we’d occasionally see a Rhea in the distance. Below is an image I captured as it ran along the fence line. I found a few feathers while walking along the river…and no, I didn’t bring them home!

Lunch found us walking back to the truck and enjoying the scenery as Maxx warmed up our meal. The cups were filled with hot soup, something we enjoyed everyday. I don’t recall what story Maxx was telling us.

Maxx Telling Stories at Lunch on Rio Baguales |

The view below is from the truck where lunch was served. The scenery was stunning!

Mountains Over Rio Baguales |

Thanks for a great day Maxx. We had a terrific time!

Dancingtrout and Maxx on Rio Baguales |

Enjoy…go fish!

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