In this week’s post, I thought I’d share some final images from Argentina. We spent a week fly fishing in Argentina at Chochoy Mallin lodge with SET Fly Fishing. A week later, we found ourselves in southern Chile fly fishing with Rumbo Patagon. Between these fly fishing weeks, we travelled by boat and bus through the Andes between these two countries. The time was well-spent as we rested from our first week of nonstop fly fishing. Here are a few favorite images that I haven’t shared in prior posts.

Buraleo Fish Eye |

Here we are skimming the mountain tops as we flew from the lodge to our water for the day.

Skimming Mountains in Helicopter at Chochoy Mallin |

Helicopter at Chochoy Mallin |

I found these bees at dusk covering the roses at Trocoman House. They were still these in the morning waiting for the sun to warm them up.

Bees in Rose at Trocoman House |

One of my nice Brown trout caught on a streamer.

Buraleo Brown Trout |

Dry fly box one of the guides carried.

Guide Dry Fly Box |

The metal sculture bird outside Chochoy Mallin.

Metal Rhea at Chochoy Mallin |

Yes, we land close to the water! Our pilot Tomy does it purposely to minimize dust, rocks, and other debris hitting the helicopter.

Helicopter Tail Over Water on Buraleo |

Healthy Rainbow from Blanco Creek.

Santi Holding Blanco Creek Rainbow |

Rainbow tail.

Buraleo Fish Tail |

Walking to the water.

Walking to Blanco Creek |

Adios Argentina!

Sailing with Cruce Andino through the Andes to Chile |

Enjoy…go fish!

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