This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Circus Peanut Articulated Streamer.

Circus Peanut Articulated Leech|

I stayed at Slide Inn on the Madison River recently during our 2017 fly fishing road trip. One afternoon, I went to the fly shop and talked with Kelly about my Throw Back Thursday Fly feature and asked him if I could take pictures of a few of his flies. He graciously agreed and began telling me stories about his flies.

The Circus Peanut was developed around 2000 by Russ Madden who worked for Kelly at his Troutsman fly shop located in Traverse City, MI. The fly was a predecessor to the Sex Dungeon and one of the earliest flies in the development of articulated streamers. It’s head is similar to a Woolly Scuplin.

Kelly stated it was the first streamer to be tied with rubber legs, which was a key component of the fly’s success.

Kelly is a stickler for detail and has developed a well-earned reputation for quality flies. For more of Kelly’s flies, be sure to check out the Galloup’s Slide Inn website.

The Circus Peanut Articulated Streamer is sold in size 4 and includes comes in olive, black, white, bright green.

Enjoy…go fish!

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