Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Improved Chaos Hopper.

Chaos Hopper |
Improved Chaos Hopper Materials |




Dai Riki 280 #10 – 14


UTC Ultra 140 or 70 brown


2 mm foam – tan color


Tan zelon or antron


Yellow square foam


2 mm foam – yellow


  1. Attach thread and position at 50% mark on hook shank.
  2. Cut foam into 2” long length. Width is gap of hook.
  3. Trim foam strip to taper – about ½ length of hook.
  4. Build thread base on front ½ of hook. Build layer with three thread passes.
  5. Foam body should be length of shank. Measure foam starting at “tail” end and place hole in foam using bodkin.
  6. Remove hook and slide foam onto hook.
  7. Tie in foam at 50% mark with 3 – 4 thread wraps.
  8. Pull foam up and create indentation with hook eye. Use bodkin to make hole. 
  9. Tie in zelon and fold back tag end over wing to create double fullness.
  10. Place superglue or Zap-a Gap on foam.
  11. Bring foam over hook eye using hole created in step 8 and tie down with 2 – 3 thread wraps. Trim foam.
  12. Create wide thread base.
  13. Prepare legs with overhand knot.
  14. Tie in legs parallel to body.
  15. Attach foam post.
  16. Whip finish.

Note: I use a Beavertail-style medium cutter to make a rounded tail. You can certainly do the same with scissors.


  1. Sad that this new generation of fly fishermen / women won’t get to experience the old Chaos hopper legs they used on this pattern. They were a big part of that fly and really awesome.


  2. Hello John.

    I really enjoyed your posted work here!

    Maybe you can help me…….I have been tying some Chaos Hoppers, but could not find any SQUARE yellow rubber legs or the right color Zelon.

    Do you have any of this?


    1. Stephen

      Thanks for your comment about the Chaos Hopper. Those materials can be purchased at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone or here are some ideas for substitutes. Create your own square yellow legs with 2mm foam and a straight edge. For the Zelon, try Hareline Dubbin’ Sparkle Emerger Yarn or other poly yarns.

      Good luck!


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