Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pat’s Rubberlegs. It’s also known as Jimmy Legs.

Jimmy Legs |

For some reason, the fish may think Pats Rubberlegs is a Golden Stonefly imitation if tied with brown or variegated brown/yellow chenille.

Pat's Rubberlegs |
Pats Rubberlegs - Black |
Golden Stonefly Nymph|



Daiichi 1720, #6 – 12


Black, brown, or olive 6/0 or 8/0


.020 or .025 lead


Black, brown and variegated chenille (brown/yellow or olive/brown)




  1. Start thread on hook and tie in antennae.
  2. Whip finish thread and trim.
  3. Slide bead on hook.
  4. Wrap lead on hook behind eye, using 10 – 20 wraps depending upon hook size.
  5. Start thread on hook and wrap over lead, creating smooth base.
  6. Tie in tail on top of hook.
  7. Strip fibers from chenille to expose thread core and tie these in.
  8. Move thread forward to 80 percent mark and tie in legs perpendicular to hook.
  9. Move thread forward a few turns and repeat, tying in the last legs segments.
  10. Move thread to bead.
  11. Wrap chenille forward with tight turns, moving legs out of the way.
  12. Tie off, whip finish, and trim thread.

The Pats Rubberlegs is very similar to the Girdle Bug, a Throw Back Thursday Fly I posted awhile ago. Use different color chenille to imitate the stonefly nymph of your choice.

Here is a link to a Youtube video by Skyler Hardman who does a terrific job tying the fly.

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