Here is the fly pattern sheet for McPhails Golden Stonefly Nymph Variant.

McPhail's Golden Stone Nymph - Variant |
McPhail's Golden Stone Variant |

A handful of flies comparing a regular gold beadhead with those using the optional Nymph-Head® Evolution™ Stonefly tungsten beadheads from Flymen Fishing Co.

McPhail Golden Stone Nymph Hook Comparison |

The fly on the left is a #6 TMC 2457; middle #8 Daiichi 1730 bent shank hook; and right #6 Daiichi 1730 bent shank hook.

Here is a real Golden Stone nymph. Probably has another year to grow before hatching:

Golden Stonefly Nymph|



Daiichi 1120, TMC 2457, Daiichi 1730, #6 – 8


UTC yellow olive 70 or 140 denier






Thin Skin – Mottled Oak, Golden Stone


Spirit River UV2 Caddis/Nymph dubbing – Golden Stone


Gold goose biot


Small gold wire


Super Floss – brown; Life Flex – brown (Hareline code – LFX40) or tan (Hareline code – LFX369); or medium round rubber – dark golden stone (Hareline code – MRR90)

Thorax cover:

Thin Skin – Mottled Oak – Golden Stone


  1. If using lead foil, cut 2 mm strips and create tapered body. Start at back of hook and spiral to eye. Start at back of hook, 2 turns up and spiral forward, stopping 3 turns from eye. Start again, 1 ½ turns up from last starting point, stopping 2 turns from last time. Lastly, start at back of hook and cover all previous wraps, stopping 1 ½ turns from eye. If using lead wire, create similar taper.
  2. Cover with thread.
  3. Tie in nymph skin. Cut skin to create pencil point for easy tie in.
  4. Create dubbing ball with dubbing.
  5. Tie in goose biots on side of body.
  6. Tie in gold wire for rib.
  7. Dub body to 50% of hook. Use small amount of dubbing as body shape was created by lead.
  8. Bring nymph skin forward, stretching material tightly. Tie down with thread, then use wire to secure with 6 – 7 turns.
  9. Use small amount of dubbing to cover thread wraps.
  10. Pull back skin and tie in legs. Cover with dubbing.
  11. Fold skin over body and slide skin backwards to create 1st thorax cover segment. Cover thread wraps with dubbing.
  12. Fold skin over body and slide skin backwards to1/2 of 2nd thorax cover segment. Cover thread wraps with dubbing.
  13. Cover head area with dubbing.
  14. Pull skin forward, stretching skin and tie down. Cover with dubbing to create larger head area.
  15. Pull skin backwards over head and tie off where 3rd thorax segment was tied off.
  16. Whip finish.
  17. Place UV Resin over head area.

Personal tying notes:

  • Some tungsten beads won’t fit around curved hook. Use brass with couple extra turns of .025 lead under wire.
  • Optional – Nymph-Head® Evolution™ Stonefly tungsten beadheads from Flymen Fishing Co. Use size M (hook size #10 – 8) with TMC 2457 #6.
  • Size 6 curved hooks seem proportionately small. See image above showing hooks.
McPhail Golden Stone Nymphs with Flymen Fishing Co Beads |

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate the fly.

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