Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Steelhead Green Rock Worm.

Steelhead Green Rock Worm |
Steelhead Green Rock Worm Materials |



Dai Riki 135, size 6


Tyers Glass Bead, large iridescent crystal


Danville 6/0, black


Silver tinsel or Mirage Opal


Edge Brite fluorescent green


Black ostrich herl


  1. Place bead on hook and start thread behind bead. Continue to place several additional thread wraps behind bead to fill in hole and keep bead from sliding.
  2. Cut Edge Bright sheet into strips and secure a strip behind bead. Wrap thread over material and continue half-way around bend while keeping tension on Edge Bright. Place 5 – 6 thread wraps to secure material.
  3. Attach underbody material and wind thread towards eye of hook. Leave a space 2 – 3 hook eye diameters back from eye.
  4. Wrap underbody forward and tie off.
  5. Pull Edge Bright tight and begin winding material away from you and forward, slightly over-wrapping each wrap. Don’t crowd head.
  6. Tie in ostrich by butt end, using several thread wraps to create smooth under base for ostrich. Use 5 – 6 wraps of ostrich to create thick black head.
  7. Whip finish thread and cut off.

The Steelhead Green Rock Worm is a fly pattern I learned during this year’s fly club Winter Fly Tying Classes. Peter Bowers, owner of The Patient Angler taught this fly. I can’t wait to try it out!

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