This is the fly pattern sheet for Sheweys Spawning Purple.

Alec Jackson hook

Shewey's Spawning Purple |

Partridge hook

Sheweys Spawning Purple |



Alec Jackson, size 1.5 – 5


Silver tinsel


Fluorescent flame orange single-strand floss (Flat Waxed Nylon)


4 or 5 “spikes” of purple marabou




Jungle cock (optional)


Orange-dyed guinea


  1. Use the Flat Waxed Nylon as tying thread, attach it behind the eye and wind it to the hook point and back to the mid-point of the shank. Be sure to keep a smooth body.
  2. Attach a small bunch of purple marabou and wind “thread” forward.
  3. Continue adding 4 more bunches of purple marabou, evenly spaced working toward the hook eye. Be sure to leave room for the remaining materials and head.
  4. Tie in purple hackle by the tip and make 3 – 4 turns.
  5. OPTIONAL – attach a jungle cock feather on each side of fly.
  6. Tie in guinea feather by the tip and wrap a few turns.
  7. Create a small head and whip finish.

Note: If using a black hook, add the silver tag. Omit the tag if using a nickel or gold hook. I prefer the gold hook.

Personal tying notes:

  • Danville 210 denier flat waxed thread – fluorescent orange – Hareline #DFWT129
  • Guinea dyed orange – Hareline #SGF271

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