Here is the fly pattern sheet for Maxwells Purple Matuka.

Maxwells Purple Matuka |



Steelhead iron


UTC 70, black


Flat silver tinsel


Medium or large silver oval tinsel


2 or 4 purple saddle hackle feathers




  1. Begin thread on hook and tie in flat silver tinsel for tag.
  2. Wrap tag and tie off. DO NOT CUT TINSEL. It will be used for rib.
  3. Create a dubbing loop and create a body of black dubbing.
  4. Select 2 or 4 feathers shiny side facing out. Strip stems and bind down at head.
  5. Hold tail and open up barbs for tinsel to pass through. Be sure to pull barbs from bottom side of feather where is is over body upward to keep on top of hook.
  6. Begin wrapping rib, opening section of feather while winding forward.
  7. Attach hackle by tips and “fold” feather before wrapping 3 – 5 turns of hackle.
  8. Whip finish and trim thread.

This is the original fly pattern found in John Shewey’s book Steelhead Flies.

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