This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Peacock Despair.

Peacock Despair |

I didn’t know about this fly until a potential customer brought it to my attention.

Jack Sutton, a Canadian fly tyer, developed this fly in the 1930’s. The Peacock Despair was a popular fly for large brook trout in eastern Canada, Quebec and Labrador.

It was originally tied to imitate a stonefly nymph, but is also used to imitate dragon fly larva and sedge pupas.

Sutton worked in the fishing tackle department at the Simpsons store in downtown Toronto.

He was a great fly fisherman, fly tier, rod builder and salesman. In addition, he was also one of the best tournament casters in Canada.

Here is a view from the bottom of the fly.

Peacock Despair - Bottom |

I came across an online article written by Gord Deval, a Canadian as well. It was my source to tie the fly.

Peacock Despair


Daiichi 1720 #10


Black Danville, 70 denier

Tag & Rib:

Crimson floss


Peacock herl, 4 strands


Hungarian Partridge, 2 feathers



Enjoy…go fish!

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