Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Griffiths Gnat.

Griffiths Gnat |
Griffiths Gnat Materials |



Daiichi 1180, 1182, TMC 100 size 16 – 20


Black or olive 8/0


Peacock herl



Optional: use small gold wire to counter-wrap through the hackle to provide additional strength.


  1. Start thread on hook and advance to barb.
  2. Tie on hackle.
  3. Tie on peacock herl.
  4. Wrap peacock herl forward and tie off.
  5. Spiral hackle forward and tie off.
  6. Form head and whip finish or use half hitches to complete fly. Trim thread.

This fly incorporates only two materials – peacock & grizzly hackle. For more information on the “magic” materials, check out my blog post – Magic Fly Materials – Peacock and Grizzly.

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