Here is the fly pattern sheet for Wollum’s Brown Drake Emerger.

Brown Drake Emerger |



Daiichi 1280, #10-12


Danville 70 denier, brown (Hareline code: DFWE40)


Wood Duck

Over tail:

Zelon, mayfly brown


Turkey biot


CDC, golden brown

Over hackle:

Ruffed grouse (I substituted Hungarian Partridge)


  1. Begin thread on hook an eye length behind eye and continue to the 1/3 mark.
  2. Select 5 – 7 Wood Duck fibers. Tail length equal to hook shank. Tie in at 1/3 mark and hold fibers upward at 45 degree angle to keep fibers on top of hook. Continue to hook barb.
  3. Tie in Zelon above hook barb. Trim to about 1/3 length of tail.
  4. Tie in turkey biot by the point so that furled side trails as biot is wrapped forward. Continue wrapping to 2/3 mark. (Optional – place small drop of Zap-a-Gap on thread and wrap biot over.) Trim butt end and place a couple thread wraps to secure.
  5. Select CDC feather for hackle. Wrapping will also create thorax with the wrapped feather. Wrap several turns and tie off. Trim excess.
  6. Tie in over hackle by tip make several wraps, tying off and trimming excess.
  7. Whip finish.

Personal tying notes:

  • I found CDC stems were quite thick and wouldn’t wrap well. They split for me. I created a dubbing loop about 1 1/2 inch long. Next, I placed 2 CDC feathers in a trim close to stem, leaving enough room to place in dubbing loop. Carefully use clip to hold fibers in dubbing loop and pull thread to capture fibers. Twist CDC and begin wrapping by holding CDC fibers towards rear. Pull fibers back for each wrap. Use thumb and finger to “trim” fibers to desired length.
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