Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Skip Nymph.

Skip Nymph |
Skip Nymph Materials |




Dai Riki 060, #12 – 16


8/0 thread – match color to body


Small copper wire


Hare’s ear or other spiky dubbing (gray, natural, & olive)

Back & wing case:

Pheasant tail fibers


  1. Attach thread and wind back to hook barb.
  2. Attach a piece of copper wire for the rib.
  3. Dub a thin body about 2/3 of hook shank.
  4. Attach 7-8 pheasant tail fibers with tips facing the hook bend. The tail length should equal body length. Tie these in directly in front of the body.
  5. With the pheasant fibers on top of abdomen, wind the wire around the fibers back to the thorax. When you make your first turn, splay the fibers so the tail fibers fan out. Tie off wire rib.
  6. Fold the pheasant fiber butts back towards the tail. Dub a thick thorax.
  7. Fold the pheasant tail fibers forward over the thorax, spreading evenly and make a neat tapered head and whip finish.

The Skip Nymph is the brainchild of Skip Morris. It looks like a cross between a Hare’s Ear and Pheasant Tail Nymph. A good imitation of a Callibaetis nymph when the body is a light olive or gray, but the fly can be used to imitate any mayfly.

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