Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Rusty Paraspinner fly. It’s designed for faster or broken waters. The hackle helps float the fly.

Rusty Paraspinner |

Here is a real Rusty Spinner floating in an eddy. Check out the Rusty Spinner – Biot Body for another version.

Rusty Spinner |





Daiichi 1100, 1180, 1182 or TMC 100, #18 – 14


8/0, 14/0, 16/0 Rust


Microfibbets or Coq de Leon tailing material – light yellow, light tan


Turkey biot – rusty spinner


Two white CDC feathers trimmed to 1/3 usual length (or poly)


Superfine dubbing – rusty spinner


Grizzly, two sizes larger than usual. Trim fibers over eye to form a wide “V” shape


  1. Begin thread at hook eye. Wind thread halfway down shank and back towards eye ending at ¼ mark.
  2. Tie in post material.
  3. Tie in 2 tails and split. Length should be 1 to 1 ½ body length.
  4. Tie in turkey biot, curved side down. Optional – lay thin base of head cement or super glue to add strength. Wrap forward to thorax area, ending at post.
  5. Tie in hackle.
  6. Dub thorax and position thread directly behind eye.
  7. Wrap down post 4 – 5 turns and tie off.
  8. Trim hackle by cutting “V”.
  9. Whip finish.

 This is my version of a Bonnie Harrop designed fly.

If you’d like to learn different methods to attach biots for a furled or smooth body, check out the fly pattern – Blue Wing Olive – CDC & Biot.

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