Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Rainbow Warrior on the left and a variation of a Rainbow Warrior tied on a jig hook. I tied this as a Euro nymphing fly. Read more HERE.

Rainbow Warrior Materials |
Hook:Dai Riki 125 or TMC 2457, #12 – 20
Bead:Silver Tungsten or glass bead, sized to hook
Thread:70 denier Ultra thread – red
Tail:Pheasant Tail Fibers or Coq de leon fibers
Body:Pearl Tinsel, large – over red thread body
Wingcase:Stub End of Pearl Tinsel from abdomen
Thorax:Wapsi Sow Scud Dubbing – Rainbow 


  1. Place bead on hook.
  2. Attach thread behind bead and continue to hook point.
  3. Select 5 – 8 pheasant tail fibers and tie on top of hook. Tail length should be hook gape. Wrap thread slightly around bend of hook. Don’t trim butt ends as this will assist to create body taper.
  4. Wind thread forward to bead, covering pheasant tail fibers.
  5. Tie in Pearl tinsel behind bead and wrap thread to tail, covering body with thread.
  6. Wrap thread back to bead to finish underbody.
  7. Begin winding tinsel forward with slightly overlapping wraps all the way to bead and secure with thread. Make sure tinsel is tied off on top for next step.
  8. Pull tinsel back to form wingcase and wrap thead back to hook point.
  9. Dub thorax with diameter similar to bead size.
  10. Pull tinsel forward and tie off with thread. Fold tinsel back and place additional 2 wraps in front of tinsel.
  11. Use thread to create “hot spot”.
  12. Whip finish and trim thead.

I like this fly in size 16 (use 2.3mm bead).

Optional: add lead wire behind bead.

The Rainbow Warrior was developed by Lance Egan. Here is Lance tying the fly:

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