Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Prince Nymph.

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TMC 3761 or Dai Riki 060 #8 – 16


Uni 8/0 black or olive dun


Gold bead to match hook size


5 – 8 wraps


Brown goose biot


Gold tinsel


Peacock herl


Brown hen hackle

Wing case:

White goose biots


  1. Place hook in vise and slide bead on hook.
  2. Place 5 – 8 wraps of lead on hook and slide forward and snug to bead.
  3. Begin thread on hook, covering lead and end at barb.
  4. Tie in goose biot with curve extending away from hook.
  5. Tie in gold tinsel.
  6. Tie in 3 to 5 pieces of peacock herl (depending on hook size).
  7. Wrap peacock herl forward forming body and thorax.
  8. Wind tinsel rib forward using about 5 wraps.
  9. Tie in hackle and make 1 – 2 turns for sparse hackle.
  10. Select 2 white goose biots and form an X over top of fly. With 5 tight wraps,bind down both biots simutaneously (consider waxing thread to prevent thread from slipping off biots). Before cutting excess biot butt-ends, fold them back toward tail and place a few more wraps to prevent biots from slipping out. Trim biots.
  11. Whip finish.


Here is a chart with recommended weight for different hook sizes.

Hook size

Lead wire

8 – 12


14 – 16


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