Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pale Morning Dun Parachute – PMD.

Pale Morning Dun |

 A live PMD

PMD - Female|





Daiichi 1180, Dai Riki 300, TMC 100 #14 – 18 or any dry fly hook


8/0 yellow, light cahill


Microfibbits or hackle fibers


Pale yellow dubbing


White poly or antron


Light dun


  1. Start thread on hook behind eye and wrap half-way down hook, then half-way back towards eye. This is where post will be tied in.
  2. Tie in poly or antron and “post”.
  3. Tie in hackle up post.
  4. Move thread to spot even with barb of hook.
  5. Tie in tail.
  6. Apply dubbing to thread and wrap forward to create tapered body.
  7. Wind hackle down post and tie off.
  8. Form head and whip finish or use half hitches to complete fly. Trim thread.

For more information about PMDs and their life-cycle, check out my blog – Pale Morning Duns – PMDs.

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