Here is the fly pattern sheet for Mercers Poxyback Green Drake nymph.

Mercers Poxyback Green Drake Nymph |
Original version
Mercer's Poxyback Green Drake Nymph |
Variant using Tungsten beadheads from Flymen Fishing Co.



Daiichi 1260, TMC 2302, #8 – 12




Olive 8/0 Uni


3 ringneck pheasant tail fibers


Copper wire


Dark golden-brown turkey tail feather


After-shaft feathers from back of an olive-dyed ringneck pheasant rump


Mercer’s Select Buggy Nymph dubbing, Z-wing color or equivalent


Same as overbody


Same as body


Golden-brown grouse feather or hen back equivalent


Same as thorax


  • Use a Mayfly Clinger & Crawler olive tungsten beadhead from Flymen Fishing Co. instead of the gold bead.
  • Use UV resin instead of epoxy.


  1. Place bead on hook and start thread behind bead and wind thread to about the 50% mark.
  2. Select 3 pheasant tail fibers and hold fibers back and upward to ensure they remain on top of hook.
  3. Attach wire rib at tail.
  4. Tie in turkey tail feather used as wingcase on top of hook. Select a second tail feather and tie in at same point
  5. Select 2 aftershaft feathers and tie in separately at tail.
  6. Wire, turkey tail feathers, and aftershaft feathers should extend over tail.
  7. Dub a tapered body about 2/3 up hook.
  8. Pull aftershaft feathers forward and tie off with 3 – 4 thread wraps and trim.
  9. Pull turkey tail feathers forward, one at a time, and tie off. DO NOT TRIM.
  10. Wind rib forward and tie off. Trim excess.
  11. Pull both turkey feathers back over body and use a few thread wraps to secure while the thorax is tied.
  12. Dub a thick thorax. Trim top and bottom of thorax to create a flat profile.
  13. Create a V in the leg feather and tie in stem with fibers flowing towards tail.
  14. Pull each turkey wingcase feather forward separately, ensuring legs extend out of each side, and tie off.
  15. Use 5 Minute Epoxy or UV Resin on the thorax section of wingcase.

This is a great Mike Mercer fly pattern from his book entitled Creative Fly Tying.

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate tying how to tie the fly. 

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