Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Hares Ear Nymph.

Hares Ear Nymph |
Hares Ear Nymph Materials |




TMC 3761 or Dai Riki 060 #8 – 18


Uni 8/0 tan or brown


5 – 8 wraps


Guard hair from hare’s mask or Hungarian partridge


Fine oval gold tinsel


Hare’s mask dubbing


Hare’s mask dubbing


Brown mottled turkey quill


Gold bead 


  1. Place hook in vise and place 5 – 8 wraps of lead in thorax area. Don’t get too close to hook eye.
  2. Begin thread behind hook eye and cover lead, ending thread at barb.
  3. If you have a Hare’s Ear Mask, pull a few fibers of guard hair off. Otherwise tie in about 5 fibers from a Hungarian partridge hackle.
  4. Tie in fine oval gold tinsel at tail.
  5. Attach Hare’s Ear dubbing to thread and wind forward to 1/3 mark of hook. (This should be about where the lead begins).
  6. Wind rib forward and end at thorax.
  7. Tie in wing case.
  8. Dub more Hare’s Ear to form chunky thorax. End thread just behind hook eye.
  9. Pull wing case over thorax and tie down.
  10. Whip finish.
  11. Finally, brush out a few fibers at thorax to simulate nymph legs.


Feel free to add a gold bead for additional flash and weight.

Hook size

Lead wire

8 – 12


14 – 16




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