Here is a fly pattern sheet for a Water Boatman for stillwaters. 

Water Boatman |




Daiichi 1560, TMC 3761, Dai Riki 060, #12 – 16


6/0 black


Pearl Krystal Flash


Black dubbing

Wing case:

Pearlescent sheeting


Black goose biot


  1. Begin thread on hook
  2. Tie in two pieces of Pearl Krystal Flash. Cut one 1/2″ in length; the other 1″. 
  3. Tie in a piece of pearescent sheeting.
  4. Dub a tapered thick body.
  5. Pull pearlescent sheeting over body and tie off.
  6. Attach biot so they extend outward from body.
  7. Whip finish.

The Water Boatman is a fly pattern I learned during this year’s fly club Winter Fly Tying Classes. Peter Bowers, owner of The Patient Angler taught this fly. I can’t wait to try it out!

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