Here is the fly pattern sheet for Taks Crystal Chironomid.

Taks Crystal Chironomid |



Alec Jackson Chironomid, size 10 – 14


UTC 70 denier, black


Clear 0.5 Stretch Magic or Midge Tubing for smaller flies


Black thread

Top casing:

Blue holographic flashabou


Red holographic 1/64 flashabou


Glamour Madeira or antron


  1. Wrap the thread onto the hook behind the eye and wrap to about the 3/4 mark or at least 3 eye-lengths behind eye. 
  2. Tie in the tubing and wrap backwards with touching turns to mid-bend. 
  3. Reverse the tubing, wrapping over previous wraps with touching turns ending at tie-in point.
  4. Build a smooth head/thorax with the tying thread.
  5. Tie on 3 pieces of blue holographic flashabou on top as this will become the top casing.
  6. Tie on a piece of red holographic flashabou on each side. 
  7. Pull the top casing flashabou forward and tie off behind the eye.
  8. Pull each side flashabou forward and tie off behind eye.
  9. Tie in gill material with figure-8 wraps.
  10. Whip finish.
  11. Use a bodkin to distribute the UV resin evenly and set with the UV light.

For a different version, be sure to see the MT Crystal Chironomid.

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