Here is the fly pattern sheet for MTs Crystal Chironomid.

MTs Crystal Chironomid |



Alec Jackson Chironomid


Small mono


Light olive D rib, UV resin


Black 8/0 thread


Red holographic 1/64 flashabou


  1. Wrap the mono thread onto the hook.
  2. Tie in the D rib, stretch to reduce bulk and wrap the thread back to mid-bend.
  3. Wrap the D rib forward leaving gaps between the wraps and tie off behind the eye.
  4. Wrap the black 8/0 onto the hook and build a head/thorax
  5. Wrap the flashabou around the thread and tie in at the midpoint, underneath the thorax and wrap back on the flashabou to the rear of the thorax. (adjust the flashabou as you wrap back to each end is on opposite sides of the shank)
  6. Pull the flashabou forward on each side and tie off behind the eye
  7. Use a bodkin to distribute the UV resin evenly and set with the UV light.

“This style can be tied in many colors and is fast, easy to tie, and very durable. The silver hook and UV resin gives this fly a translucency that is hard to duplicate with other materials and it is my go to fly at East Lake.” – Mike Telford

Note: This is a new fly pattern developed by my friend Mike Telford. (Used with permission)

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